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I got a speeding speeding ticket can it be taken off my record?

Bellevue, WA |

I am only 19 and this is my first ticket. The ticket is $175.. i was going 20 over the speed limit.

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I assume from your question that you haven't had a hearing yet. If you selected the contest option in a timely manner, you will be granted a hearing to contest your ticket. Traffic attorneys are trained to look for technicalities which are possible ways to get the ticket dismissed outright. In some courts, there are prosecutors who offer plea bargains to attorneys which effectively change the speeding charge to a non-moving violation to keep your record clean. Another possibility is to request a deferred finding if you qualify. IF you are not found committed of another ticket within the deferral period, your original ticket can be dismissed. Deferrals carry some risk because if you do get another ticket within a certain time period, there is the potential for both tickets to go on your record.


Merely receiving a traffic ticket does not affect your driving record. It is notice that the officer believes that you have committed the violation. If you choose to contest the ticket, the state will need to provide sufficient evidence to convince a judge that you more likely than not committed the infraction, and only then will it appear on your driving record. I would advise that you engage the assistance of an attorney who specializes in contesting traffic infractions because they will know the tactics and techniques that will hopefully result in a successful defense.

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