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I got a question about copyright.

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I have written a script and I want to "get it out" and I can't afford the copyright fees. Is there any cheaper way to get my work copyrighted and it will still be protected?

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Your work is already protected under copyright law. It affixes automatically upon completion. Registering the work with the US copyright office, however, is very important because you cannot bring an infringement action to a court unless the work is registered and only those works registered before the infringement occurs will qualify for court awarded statutory damages, often the only damages that can be shown.

The registration fees are $35. If you cannot afford $35, and I am saying this to be pragmatic not to be a wise-guy, you probably have much more important things to take care of than shopping a script.

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I didn't know it was that cheap. I have been seeing the wrong things, thanks. What about the "Poor Man's Copyright"?

Frank A. Natoli

Frank A. Natoli


There is really no such thing. It is a myth.


Registering a copyright provides evidence to a court that you are the creator of the work. Copyright law already protects it, but proving when you came up with the idea and wrote it down can be a problem. Registering your work with the copyright office goes a long way to eliminating that problem. If you are in the business of screen writing, the copyright fee of $35 should be viewed as a cost of doing that business.

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