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I got a parking ticket for my tag that was stolen off my car. I wrote to the senior court official, they sent me the ticket and

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Someone stole my tag off my car,they got a parking ticket with my stolen tag. the ticket got sent to me, I then wrote to the senior court official telling them what had happened, they sent me the ticket back saying that i have to pay the ticket. What should I do now, that is not right

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Ask for a court date. Hire a local traffic attorney familiar with the local system and people involved.


Here, in my state, if one of your tags are stolen you need to replace both of them. That means going to the DMV and filling out a form and getting new tags.

Your question suggests that one tag is left on your car, and you never reported the tag stolen. So, how would the court know?

Below is a link to the florida stolen license plate database. Is your plate on this list?

And I've also put a link to request a replacement for a stolen plate.


If the parking citation was issued mere hours or days after the license plate was stolen from your vehicle, then you have an argument to be made in person. If longer, do not expect a break because there's really no excuse for not reporting it stolen after so many days pass.

Now, even if it had been a relatively short amount of time between the theft and the citation, to get officials to believe you, you would have to show proof of when the theft occurred. Is that doable. I think not.

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