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I got a notice from court stating "DV-ASSAULT 4th Degree"

Redmond, WA |

My Wife went to a police station and filed a report and asked the officer not to press any charges against me , but the public prosecutors decided to press charges against me .
She email the judge , the prosecutor handing case on basis of her report that its was a false report and she is willing to testify in court as well.
Should I hire an attorney ?
I am not a citizen and have no criminal history at all.
She has almost informed everybody that she filed a false report against me and also mentioned that she repeatedly asked the police not to press charges against me.
How would that help me , and what are the chances of me proved not guilty.
Can the public prosecutor drop the charges against me after knowing the fact that it was a false report?
Please advice

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You absolutely should hire an attorney.

You are charged with Assault in the 4th Degree which is a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail, and can also have consequences on your immigration status (i.e. you could get deported).

Contact an attorney immediately and they can help you answer your questions.

Call 425-424-9401 for your FREE CONSULTATION.


From your question it sounds like you have been charged with Assault IV - Domestic Violence. If the alleged incident happened in the City of Redmond, the case will be prosecuted by the City of Redmond Prosecutor's Office. There are two main prosecutors for the City of Redmond. I have found them to be fair and would likely be interested in hearing about her claims of making a false report. Still, many prosectors expect the alleged victims to change their stories over time. It is important to get an experienced domestic violence attorney on your side as soon as possible. The good news is that there are many options in a City of Redmond matter that can lead to your case being dismissed. As a non-citizen, it is extremely important that any disposition you enter is "immigration safe." I agree with the other answers here, you need to find an attorney as soon as possible.

You can check out the link below for more information on Washington domestic violence defense.


Concur. Writing to add that if you cannot afford to hire private counsel then you should apply for a public defender. A DV conviction will have serious life-long ramifications, and if your wife recants you will have an even worse problem on your hands.

Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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