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I got a non moving traffic citation for disorderly conduct for my vehicle is this a serious points resulting fine?

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we were at a local car meet and we were cruising into town and my car went into second gear and the tires sqeeked the officer pulled me over and was very forceful in getting my social number my son which is 9 months old his information and my fiances. He said i would be issued a citation for disorderly conduct and says its a non traffic violation is this a points citation i have a new job and need a good driving record and i thought it was weird about him getting my sons info plus he did not give me his name nor a citation to sign.

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A non-traffic violation usually does not result in any points. However, it could effect your criminal record, for it is what I believe to be a summary offense.

I would contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.

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the problem is we are very tight on money and i don't know anything on legal actions i just know the gentle was very forceful and he didn't explain the reasons for my citation he said quote" you know what u did" i am afraid of even talking to him again with the threats he made about he couldve gave me reckless indangerment and arrest me which didnt happen

Michael Kotik

Michael Kotik


Money is tight for everyone right now. But, you have to think about your future. I would avoid talking to him without a lawyer. Summary citations usually are not that expensive. Just make sure to hire someone who knows what they are talking about. However, from what your telling me it doesn't sound too serious. I think he may have just wanted to frighten you.


The circumstances you describe are quite unusual.

Generally, a Non-Traffic Disorderly Conduct Citation is issued at the time of the detention. There is nothing you described which would warrant a more serious criminal charge or a charge for misdemeanor D.C.

Moreover, there is no need for a police officer to obtain your social security number. To check for warrants, etc., the only thing that is necessary is a name and date of birth.

Although there will be no points, if you gave someone your social security number in addition to the information on your licenses, there may be more serious issues.

Was the officer in uniform? Was this a marked patrol car?

Consult with an attorney ASAP.



he was a corporal and he was in uniform i have no criminal record and i had my 10 month old in the car i was never asked before about my social number the one officer responded to me and said it procedures for there office to get that information we fear he might call children services on use is this possible and he said this would be a non traffic citation for disorderly conduct can he change his mind after the fact and get me for more?


Disorderly conduct is a non-traffic summary offense which carries no points or driver license penalty. It should not affect your auto insurance, either. However, there will be a record of it on the PA UJS web portal which is accessible by anyone. When you get the citation I suggest you speak to an experienced attorney about this case.

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