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I got a new passport with " name split" from the indian embassy washington. how to change it on I 94?

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my old passport has- first name: X Y and last name: FNU (family name unknown)
so in my visa it is- last name: X Y and first name: FNU (US Govt. needs a last name)
and I 94- first name: X Y and last name: FNU

to end this confusion and prevent other documents like dl ssn ead from getting messed up I "split my name" a provision by indian embassy for people with FNU problem. it doesnt require a court order.

new passport reads- first name: X and last name: Y
I will not be going to india for a year. so previous visa will be in use.

I want to change my I 94 now according to new passport. so I can get dl/ssn/ead according to name in new passport - first name: X and last name: Y

i wish to know how i should proceed step wise.

Thanking you in advance,

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Simple procedure is to accept name on I-94 and make the correction when you obrain a new I-94. Other option is to apply for a replacement I-94 and submit evidnece of the name change.



the reason I went for the "name split" is every document has been getting a different format beyond recognition e.g.: i got my learners permit as - first name: XY FNU and last name : XY FNU that is 48 characters long and wont fit on the DL and is unreadable. there has been high incidence of rejection of ead/ssn when the FNU problem is involved.


File I 539

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