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I got a minor in possession ticket because i was drinking in my friend party and i have to go to court. wht they gonna do to me?

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i was in my friend birthday party and the cops came because there was noise complain . i was drinking that night and im 18 years old . the cops gave me a ticket and they said i have to go to court next month . can i please know whats gonna happen to me? and what if i need to move to another state because of college before the court time ?

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It all depends on which city/county you were charged in and the facts surrounding your case. Some of the time, the court will have a diversion program to help keep a conviction for this offense off your record. A local attorney from the county/city you have been charge will be able to tell you what is standard in your kind of case. You may have a defense to the charge as well. Please consult an attorney well before your court date, so that you can have the best possible advice in your situation.

Good Luck,

Kim Keheley Frye


Make sure you go to court. If you move to start college, make sure you hire an attorney before you leave to represent you in court. If you don't go to court, and you don't have an attorney there for you, it will only get worse. Your attorney or you can speak to the prosecutor to find out or work out an acceptable resolution, or you can have a trial. You should meet with an attorney who goes to that court to get proper advice for your situation.


I agree with Jessica. Speak to your parents about hiring a lawyer. Your attorney may be able to get you into a a diversion program to possibly keep the conviction off your record.

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