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I got a letter from USCIS: Your conditional resident status is extended for a year. What is that mean?

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I got a letter from USCIS: Your conditional resident status is extended for a year. This come a week after I filled an affidavit explaining why I was 3 days late on filling for the I-751. Is that means that the USCIS accepted my affidavit? And also, this last letter means that in the coming 12 months I will not have to provide any thing to the USCIS {except for when I get my ASC}??

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It appears based on the facts presented you've met the burden regarding the late filing requirement and CIS has extended your LPR status for one year while they decide if they conditions on your status should be removed. You should get your biometrics notice within a few weeks and unless they want more evidence or an interview, the next time you'll hear from CIS will be a decision on your case.


You appear to have cleared the 'first' hoop. But, that doesn't mean that you will be approved.

You would be wise to have an immigration attorney review your papers.

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It is good news in that your case will be reviewed despite being filed late. Given the volume of cases in our area (Los Angeles) it could well take a year for your case to be decided. Having an attorney will facilitate communications with USCIS.

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