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I got a felony dui on hear say i was not in the car when the cops arrested me i was at home.can they do that

Medford, OR |

I was at home drinking when the cops came to my house and said that they have an eye witness saying i was driving when i wasnt.I didnt even have the keys to the car.They automatically considered me guilty giving that i have prior dui's.

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Witness testimony can be the basis of a DUI felony arrest and conviction.


You need a good DUII lawyer NOW. Deadlines are approaching in a matter of days. Call a good lawyer and set an office conference and, respectfully, stop posting facts of your case on the Internet.


Any crime can be charged by the reporting of a witness. Unfortunately, a person's word is all it takes to be charged and perhaps even convicted of a crime. This is why investigation and the ability to cross examine are vital to your defense. This is what your lawyer would be required to do for you. Somewhere in the web of lies the cops or the witness would have to weave would be a detail that reveals the truth of the situation. You need a zealous lawyer.

Many modern cars have computer systems that can show if a car was driving or on at a certain time. It could be a place to start to prove you were not driving and that someone is going to commit perjury to try to convict you.


You need to consult a DUI attorney in your geographical location immediately for a free consultation.