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I got a dwi charge careless and reckless charge and under age drinking its my first one will this stop me from joining the army

Roanoke Rapids, NC |
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The charges themselves probably won't prohibity your enlistement but the army probably won't take you while you are on probation. I know this is true for the Marine Corps.

The simplest answer is to speak with a recruiter. You could do so anonymously.

Of course, if you are acquitted of these charges, you would certainly be eligible. Speak to an attorney in NC about the possible defenses to your case.

Best of luck.


Unless they were felonies they probably wouldn't stop you, although being on probation may require a waiver.

Edward J Blum


You should consult with an attorney in your area familiar with the policies of the courts. Generally, most branches of the military have an exclusion for persons currently on active probation. If these charges have the possibility of probation, this can interfere with your acceptance into the army. However, many times, a skilled attorney can work out a resolution for you that doesn't include probation or just a brief period of probation until all requirements of the case are completed. Call an attorney who specializes in DUI cases in your area.

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