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I got a dui ticket..can i still pay the fine or will i still go o jail even if i pay it..

Norwalk, CA |

i got a dui ticket and i am a first time the time i was not able to pay do to my living situation of living in a motel.i received community service.i did my dui class except for 1 week worth.i could not afford to pay every week.everything is due apil of this year.can i still pay the fine in full or will i still go to jail?

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Anything can happen, best thing to do is hire and attorney to handle this matter for you. You may have a warrant for your arrest for no paying and no completing classes. Further, your license may be suspended for not completing class.

If you'd like a free consultation and for me to look more into this for you, please feel free to call me.

Elliot Zarabi


Your failure to complete DUI school may be a violation of the terms of your probation . You need an attorney to deal with this and get you additional time to pay. Do not wait until last minute to deal with this. The sooner you go to court the better.

Andrew Roberts


Go in ASAP and ask for an extension. It would be best to have the community service done since that is free to complete.


Getting a citation for a DUI is not the same as a citation for a traffic offense. First of all, you are dealing with a misdemeanor charge and will have to appear in court on the date written on your citation unless you have retained a private attorney. Secondly, a standard 1st time DUI offer (assuming there are no mitigating factors that can be used to reduce the DUI charge) involves court fines and fees, a 3 month alcohol program, possible license suspension, 3 years probation and possibly other conditions if there was a high blood alcohol concentration, a car accident or other factors.

The best thing to do would be to speak to a local criminal defense attorney regarding your case, or, if you are unable to do this before court, ask the judge for a couple weeks extension to retain an attorney. As was stated above, simply paying the fine and forgetting about the ticket will likely lead to a warrant, possible further misdemeanor charges if you are caught driving on a suspended license and other legal problems resulting from not completing your alcohol program.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, contact my office at (818) 783-5700


I would suggest that you ask your attorney to place your case on calendar and have the court re-order your classes. If you fail to complete your classes, pay your fines, and make sure that you have complied with all other terms, you may be found in violation of your probation and the court can remand you for the sentence you may have received when you were first convicted, which in California is up to 180 days. You have to make complying with your probation a priority. Contact the lawyer who handled your case and discuss these problems with her or him as soon as possible.

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