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I got a DUI this past weekend and blew a .101 at the station. I plan to fight the case. My 1st court date is 1 wk, Two questions

Atlanta, GA |

1) What are my chances of winning? (generally)
2) I plan to take a DUI class this weekend(so within a week) and begin community service asap. Is this beneficial, hurtful, or no effect?

Additional information: I was pulled over for no headlights. I blew into the breathalyzer from the car, then took the regular sobriety tests, and took the breathalyzer again. I was put under arrest for the breathalyzer results. This happened in Georgia. I thought i would have to take the DUI class no matter what...

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It is hard to tell what your chances of winning your case is without more details. For instance, you don't say what the circumstances were surrounding your arrest. It is possible that the stop was bad and can be challenged. Then, the equipment used to measure the alcohol in your breath can be challenged.
As far as taking a DUI class goes, it is very helpful if you are planning to plead guilty. Then, your attorney can tell the judge at sentencing that you wanted to take responsibility for your actions. Such things help at sentencing. I don't understand why you are planning to take a DUI class and begin community service (which may or may not be counted before you're convicted or enter a guilty plea) if you plan to fight the case.
Your best course of action is to hire an attorney who can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and guide you.


As an attorney who practices DUI defense in Atlanta, I can tell you that your chances of winning at trial depend on the circumstances of your case and what your attorney is able to do for you. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your case. I am happy to help. Do not wait until court dates come and go. The faster you are able to get an attorney involved working on your behalf, the better shot you have at a good outcome.
As for Community Service, there are actually other things that I might advise you to do before that, depending on your case. The other things can be more beneficial.


M. Jason Rhoades


You should hire an attorney to represent you on this serious charge as soon as possible. Let your attorney advise you whether you should take the DUI class or start community service. After learning all of the facts of your case, your attorney can advise you how best to fight your case.


Every DUI case is different. Most DUI defense attorneys offer a free initial consultation to discuss the very same questions you are asking; only they are able to obtain the specific facts in your case to provide you with a better, more accurate answer. Before making the decision whether to contest your DUI, you should consult with at least one and probably more attorneys. The completion of the DUI risk reduction course is a good idea. If you are successful in challenging the DUI, there is a possibility the prosecution will offer a reduction to a lesser offense, but still require the DUI risk reduction course as a condition of the negotiated sentence.


You will need to hire an attorney as soon as possible if you are planning on winning. The sooner your lawyer gets involved the better off you will be. Feel free to contact me should you need more guidance or counsel. With regards,

P. Darrell Kimbrell