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I got a dui in california with a mass license does the pink slipo temp license apply to me??

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on my ticket i have a hearing date so i never called the number on the pink slip cuz i thought it only helped people with in state drivers licenses withextending their suspensions(does it apply to out of state licenses too??) i dont know if im suppose to be driving or not and my court date isnt for a few more weeks >

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Technically, California does not have jurisdiction over your Massachusetts driver's license. However, it does have authority to allow people to drive, or not, in California. Whether or not you have a California license, you still had a right to have a hearing at the DMV to determine whether or not your can continue to drive in this state. When you did not request a hearing withing 10 days, you permission to operate a motor vehicle in California will be suspended. Althought I cannot tell from your post if this is your first offense, the following information is based on that assumption.

You can apply for a California license and then be eligible for a restriction. In order to be eligible for a restriction, you must suffer a 30 days suspension and then apply for a restriction at the DMV. Prior to allowing the restriction DMV will need to have proof of enrollment in Level One DUI school and an SR 22 filed by an insurance company.

An attorney in your area who specializes in DUI and DMV matters can certainly assist you.


Yes. The pink slip gives you 30 days until your driving privilege in CA is suspended. It is imperative to contact the DMV, or hire a lawyer to do so for you, within 10 days of the DUI stop. Your privilege to drive -- separate from your out of state license -- will be suspended after 30 days.

Edward J. Blum


Generally speaking, your Mass. license will remain valid until you are notified otherwise from your home state's version of the DMV. However, your "priveilege" to drive in CA will be suspended essentially 30 days from the date of your arrest. My advice is to consult an attorney in the Victorville area, who should be able to help with your court case and explain the intricacies of the complicated and confusing issues surround your driver's license. Good luck.