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I got a dui in August (Oregon) and plan on moving to the state of Washington, does my license suspensions still apply?

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I got a dui and plan on completing all necessary court requirements before I move. I have a one year suspension on my license although I can apply for a hard workship permit. After that one year suspension period, I must install a Breathalyzer for 1 year. If I move to Washington during my 1st year period (March to July), do I still need to install a Breathalyzer and obtain a workship permit in the state of Washington?

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Your suspension would definitely transfer. States have a compact to prevent people from moving around to avoid suspension or going to other states to get drivers licenses. Whether you would qualify for a provisional license in Washington or they would require you to get an Interlock as a condition of that license depends on the laws in Washington. I would contact a DWI attorney who practices in the county you are moving to. They will be able to help you.

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There is an interstate compact in effect between many of the states which allows them to share driver's license information. You need to seek out an experienced dui attorney in Washington to determine what steps you are going to have to take to be able to drive legally.

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First, if you're on probation you must ASK the court for permission to leave the state. Second, out of state drivers are not eligible for an Oregon hardship permit. You should call a good DUII lawyer now -- preferably one licensed in both states.

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