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I got a DUI in 07. I was put on court supervision at first, but failed to pay fines on time so i was given a conviction.

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My license had already been suspended prior to this in 03 so the conviction caused me to get revoked. In March of 08 I entered residential trx for 30 days at 1 facility and door to door 30 more days at another. Following the second treatment center i transferred to a recovery home where i stayed for 5 more months. I thought, that this would satisfy the state as far as my treatment hours were concerned. The hearing officer disagreed. so i go do an evaluation which concluded I was to complete the full 75 hrs b/c i was still classified "high risk dependent" --in remission. so i did. I got all required docs took them to my hearing , this paperwork stated repeatedly that i have 4 yrs clean and i have a very strong support system in A.A. ..i got denied. I can reapply in 30 days but i have to do

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In answer to the question you did not ask, YES - you need a lawyer who knows his/her way around DUI cases and SOS hearings.


This process requires pushing a lot of the right buttons. And your evaluator should have waived treatment since you had complete residential and had not relapsed. Your problems can be fixed not necessarily by a DUI lawyer but by someone withe driver's license reinstatement experience.

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