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I got a drunk driving witha high bac the prosecuter dropped it to first offense i ped guilty.probation of course.

Charlevoix, MI |

i only went to probatoin once i didnt do anything the judge ordered . i went to jail for a few days when he sentence. me. then i was picked up for not doing my community service and sat again. i had to move since and am no longer in michigan. i have missed a show cause hearing. how far can they come get me and can my charges change from misdemeanor?

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Contact your attorney.

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Whether the Michigan Court tries to "find" you after you missed your show cause date depends on your overall criminal history. For example, if this is your only criminal offense in your lifetime, and you now live in Arizona, it is EXTREMELY unlikely the Michigan Court will attempt to have you "picked up" in Arizona on an open warrant. However, your Michigan driving privileges may be affected, and this could in turn affect your Arizona driving privileges. I would kindly but strongly recommend you consult with a Michigan Drunk Driving Specialist to asses all your options. "Cleaning up" all your open Michigan Court issues may prove better than having your new state's driving privileges suspended. I wish you all the best of luck. Warmest regards, Matt Catchick.

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