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I got a disorderly conduct charge A in Illinois & have court January 31, what can be my fine and/or punishment.

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I'm in violation of chapter 720 paragraph 5 / 26-1(a)(1). Do I need a lawyer? What kind of punishment am I facing? Can the judge throw this out? Should I just plead guilty? Will this stay on my record?

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Fine not to exceed five hundred dollars. If you can't pay the fine you can ask to work it off doing community service or serve the sentence off in jail for a certain amount of days setting off the court cost and fine.


Erick Platten
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Do not plead guilty. Hire a lawyer who may be able to minimize your damages. The charge and any outcome will stay on your record unless you are able to have it expunged after a couple of years. It is not possible to anticipate the outcome of your case because a lawyer will likely be able to get you a better disposition than you could do on your own.


Consult a local criminal attorney to obtain the best possible result. Do not plead guilty. An attorney may be able to negotiate a better outcome for you. Depending on you record an attorney may be able to work out a pre trial diversions where you would do some community service...



I don't have any kind of record & I've never been in trouble.

Philip Lowe Kroovand

Philip Lowe Kroovand


That will work in your favor. You should definitely discuss your options with a lawyer.

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