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I got a criminal. Traffic citations in mail for dwls with knowledge

Tampa, FL |

Its been 23 days since the fhp officer wrote the ticket for dwls w/k. i got it 7 days later in mail. it said i had 10 days to make a court date, i have been trying to but court says they don't have anything yet. what should I do?. Plus he says he seen me driving,why wouldnt he have me pulled over an arrested,?

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If the officer never stopped you while you were actually behind the wheel driving the vehicle but later cited you than the state may have a very difficult time proving the charges. I agree with my colleagues that you should not be driving while your DL is suspended.

Hiring a lawyer will alleviate you having to call daily. I would suggest you contacting an attorney to discuss your specific situation to see what defenses might be available.

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You should consult with and retain a criminal defense attorney. They can assist you with this case and may be able to assist you with getting your license reinstated. If you need further assistance please let me know.

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Call the court every day, twice a day to make the court date. Get a pad of paper to write down the date & time you called and person you spoke with. Do this until you have a court date. Make sure you show up, on time, to that court date. Enter a plea of not guilty. It only takes three DWLS on your record for the DMV to revoke your DL for 5 years under the Habitual Traffic Offender laws. And if you keep getting arrested for these charges, you'll eventually find yourself in felony court.

You're going to need an attorney.

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AND, do not drive while your license is suspended. You can end up a convicted felon by merely not taking care of this situation and continuing to drive. The citing officer can stop you every time he sees you driving until you get this taken care of, and he can take you to jail each time.

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