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I got a civil traffic ticket for 67 in a 40,The tickets written under A.R.S.28-701,but everything I see it shouldve been 28-701A

Tucson, AZ |

The officer just filed it 2 days before the court date, And he has put it into the system as A.R.S.28-701A, But my citation says A.R.S.28-701 without the (A) Can I have this thrown out because the citation wasn't filed out properly?

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Courts commonly allow law enforcement and/or the city attorney's office to amend a complaint for technical defects, which is likely what a court would find here, if it found a defect. An officer also has discretion to charge you with any or all charges that you may have violated, but is not obligated to charge you with each offense you may have committed.

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