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I got a citation for selling alcohol to a minor, and I haven't pay a fine yet. I just wonder when to pay for it

Charlotte, NC |

It says immediately after receiving the citation.
I have a schedule to appear in courtroom on Sep, 26.
I got the citation on Aug.21.
Is it too late to pay the fine now?

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If you have a court appearance on 9/26 you likely can pay the fine at that point; you might even be able to work out an agreement for a reduced fine. Contact a local criminal defense attorney ASAP.

William Daley (619) 238-1905 /


You still are waiting to make your appearance at court. I would contact a local attorney


Don't pay the fine. Hire an attorney. Paying the fine is pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. You may be able to avoid a conviction by hiring an attorney. In the long run, it will be money well spent. Good luck.

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Appear in court and find out what your options are to resolve the ticket. I strongly recommend that you hire a lawyer to go with you.


I agree. There are better ways to handle this ticket in Mecklenburg County. Contact an attorney.

Offices in Asheville, Gastonia, Charlotte, and Wilmington. Answers given on this site are intended to be general in nature and do not create attorney-client privilege.


Contact attorney Bill Powers there in Charlotte. He can help you.


It has to be paid before your court date if you are going to go "belly up" and not fight the case. You should however, fight the case as it is a criminal charge that will give you a criminal record if you "just pay it".


Depending on your past record there are options available to you in Mecklenburg, paying the fine is saying you are guilty, and you may be able to avoid that. Call an attorney familiar with Mecklenburg County.

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