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I got a 5 day notice 5 day ago so i file the contest answer .Now my Landlord give me a new 5 day notice so what do now ?

North Las Vegas, NV |

do i file a new contest , we have not gone to court as of yet , plus am moving but on the day that am moving he want to come in the house to do work can he do that ? my son on oxgen
and cant be around thing like bug spray etc. thank you

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First, file a new contect answer. Second, you can ask him to come another day. If the term of your lease runs past the day of your move and you have paid the rent, then he can't come in unless you consent, unless he is doing so for a proper purpose. What type of work is the landlord proposing to do? You should check your lease and NRS 118A. Also, if you are concerned about the landlord entering, definitely mention it in your new contest letter.

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