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I got a 1st offense DUI. I got 34 days in jail time. How much of it will i Actually serve?

Los Angeles, CA |

My public defender recommended me to take the jail time over the community labor and they gave me extra ten days on top of the 24 for the refusal to be stricken. How much time will i actually do. I am so scared I will lose my job. I turn myself in this friday.

Please give me some clues as to how long I can expect to be in there. Will I face the full time of 34 days?

Edit: Yes, it is in Los Angeles County Edit: Is there any way I can go back to the court and ask for community service instead of jail time? I already int and signed everything.

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Worst case? Half time. 17 days.

In reality? No guarantee, but it may be a book & release or couple days tops.

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The most you would serve is half time but the jails in Los Angeles county are very full. You can expect to serve less than half time but its hard to say. It's up to the jail. I would follow your lawyers advice in the situation. Good luck.

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Depends on the county. LA County Jail is frequently packed so at best it may be a book and release. At worst 17 days. Good luck.

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34 days = 17 actual, by statute. Plus, if you were booked at the time of the offense, you get a day of credit there as well. (and it would be 1 day = 2 days; so now you're looking at 15 or 16 actual.)
You may get just a book & release; you may get work furlough; you may get weekend work crew. A lot depends on how many bunks are available when you arrive. (and the answer to that is usually, "slim to none.")

Can you go back and ask for a change? Yes, but since you're supposed to turn yourself in on Friday, you'd be hard pressed to get on calendar that quickly.

Good luck.


You'll get halftime for sure, which will be 17 days. People nowadays are only serving about ten to fifteen percent of their time, but that's not set in stone. I've seen people be booked and released for sentences of around that same time. At worst, think 17 days. That's the only guarantee. Expect less though.

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