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I got 3 duis in 2009 and leaving the the site of an accident. am i eligable for a permit to drive. under georgia law

Norcross, GA |

iam currently in gwinett county dui court for the last 5 months its a year program. under the new georgia law can i get a temporary permit. or has my hard suspention of 2years up.

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I may be wrong, but I believe that even with the changes in the law over the last 2 years, a person whose license was suspended 3 yrs ago would now be eligible for a limited permit. Keep in mind that there have been changes in what kinds of activities/locations are permissible with the permit, so you will need to make sure that you abide strictly by the new guidelines. Good luck.


Your charges in 2009 ,if convicted, should have gotten you declared a habitual violator and your license suspended for 5 years. That being case, you are eligible for a probationary license 2 years after being declared HV. -after completion of state approved program ,interlock and paying the fees. Good luck


Three DUIs and one hit/run would make you a habitual violator and you would lose the license for 5 years. You can get a limited permit after 2 years. Some of this would depend upon when the convictions were final and when DDS suspended your license. I would encourage you to speak to a lawyer.


You should contact D.D.S., they can tell you if your eligible.

You should consult an Attorney that handles Traffic cases in the jurisdiction you received the citation to evaluate your options.