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I going to meet with my probation officer tomorrow for the last time, all my dues are paid, DUI school, etc

Miami, FL |

I had a family emergency and need to leave the country do I have to let my officer know? or can I just travel since I have basically completed everything

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Although you may have completed everything, you can't leave without getting permission. It's unlikely that your probation officer will have a problem, but you do need to let them know.


You should let your probation officer know.


It depends on your probation order. In Miami-Dade County, some Judges put in the Probation Order "Early Termination Upon Completion". If this is in your original paperwork and you have in fact completed everything, your probation officer should terminate your probation at your last meeting. You should call your attorney, if you had one, or an experienced DUI attorney in South Florida to discuss BEFORE going to the probation office.