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I get married, will my F2b pettition be cancel?

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On Jun 1998 my father apply for GC and he was a Resident.and i was single at that time, On 2003 i leave the USA and got back on 2006 From mexico, i got arrest, was approved for asyllum. I went to all my courts. I get married in 2006, i have a US son . In 2008, my husband got deported and i ask for voluntary departure. Last year my father turn USC. Because of those changes does he has to file a new petition for me or just continue with the case since there is already a visa number available for me?
Whats gona heppen now?
Can my husband get Green card if i got my?

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A second preference petition filed by a permanent resident parent on behalf of an unmarried son or daughter is automatically terminated when the son or daughter marries befor the petitioner becomes a U.S. citizen. After the petitioner naturalizes, he must file a new I-130 petition and the old priority date is lost. I do not understand all of your facts, and I recommend that you consult with an experienced immigration attorney who can assess your situation and advise you further.

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