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I get every other weekend supervised visitation with my child. The visitation has been dnied for the 10th time. Is he a crimina

Chicago, IL |

Can I file criminal charges against him? The civil judge keeps dismissing my petitions and over looking the visitation abuse. What is the charge? How I do I file these charges, or get them before a judge?

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get a copy of the court order that gives you the visits. go to the next visit. if it is refused, call the police and ask that he be arrested for visit interference. you should have a copy of the state statute on that with you. i will get the link and post it.

do not be surprised if the police do nothing and tell you it is a civil matter, go see a lawyer. then do a petition for visit abuse under 750 ilcs 5.607.1. ask the judge why no rule to show cause is issued? be polite.


Yes ask that he be arrested for visit interference which is a crime in Illinois

Get the certified court order, copy the statute, have the police phone number ready.


I agree with the responses below. You need to document everything and make sure you have your certified copy of the court's order granting you the supervised visitation. You also need to make sure you are following all the "rules" for your supervised visitation. Is there language in the order about a basis for him to deny the visits? For example, in some cases, an order might say a parent can deny the visitation if they suspect the other parent is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You should make a record of the denied visits by contacting and making a police report.

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