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I gave my tenant a renewal lease 4 days ago, they have not yet signed it. Can I renege on it?

Worcester, MA |

Circumstances have changed, and i do not want to continue to rent to these people after the current lease expires on June 1, 2013. Can I renege on the renewal that I gave them, or is there a time limit in which they must return it to me?

They have been consistently late with rent through out the current lease, are smoking in the basement when it states no smoking on the lease.

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On any contract, an offer can be withdrawn before it is accepted, unless there is a time limit for the offer to be kept open. Whether there is or not will be dictated by your lease or your offer of renewal. However, with a lease situation, your lease may also have required a 30-day notice of non-renewal, and now on May 7 you can't give such a notice for a June 1 lease end. As with another question I just answered, your lease may say what happens if the lease expires and the tenant stays over that time - it may turn into a tenancy at will and you need to give a 30-day notice of that on June 1 to terminate July 1. My suggest if there was no time limit for them to respond to the extension offer, withdraw it in writing ASAP> If they saty past June 1, so be it, deal with it as a tenancy at will and go thru the notice to quit and eviction process, the latter if necessary.

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Yes an offer can be withdrawn before it is accepted