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I gave my daughter a accidental bruise on her left jaw bone area .

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however it was indeed an accident ( which she has told the police as well)) there was a HUGE allegation of abuse. I got a call this morning from a case worker stating tht she has spoken to my child at school and is under the impression the bruise was the reason for her absence when indeed it was due to illness. needless to say they came within the half hour and jumped in and told me they would be taking her into custody..scared and don't know what to do. family doesn't support me however close friends are willing (as well as the ex/father) to help my case .. waiting on shelter hearing and extremely fightend . what should I expect and what can I do. this is the first and ONLY time my daughter has ever has a mark... please help

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I'll add only one thing to Ms. Morcroft's excellent answer: don't use a court-appointed attorney. Your child is the most important person in your world, and you can't risk losing her by using a lawyer you didn't choose. Find a good lawyer who knows dependency cases. That lawyer may cost a lot, but nothing is more important than your child.

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thank you soooo so much a call today before the dependency hearing that she will be back home ! hope it goes smooth from here thanks again for all the advice!!


Fill out the paperwork at court and see if you qualify for a court appointed attorney. If not, get an attorney who is familiar with dependency cases. DO NOT explain to the judge what happened if you do not have an attorney there to consult with. If the attorney is not appointed and present at shelter and your child is sheltered, ask for a shelter review to be set when your attorney can be present. DO NOT talk to the police even if they tell you they are just trying to help. You may need a criminal lawyer, but either way, do NOT talk to the police. Also, the caseworker is not your friend in this matter, nor is she an attorney. DO NOT take legal advice from the caseworker. DO NOT rely on the case worker to explain the process to you. Get an attorney. Then listen to YOUR attorney. Shelters are often granted, so be prepared for that. You don't say how old your daughter is. People who don't have specific knowledge of what happened are of limited usefulness in regards to helping you with your case, but once you have a lawyer, you can discuss with your lawyer ways in which they may be able to help you.

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


Also, don't try to explain to ANYONE what happened until after you talk to your lawyer.