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I found14k gold jewelry in the middle of the street, is it legal to pawn something you find or have to report it found?

Riverside, CA |

I dont know how i should go about finding the owners, most likely if i ask is this yours, everyone will say yes

i guess if i just said ring found and they describe it they can identify it?

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If you want to legally keep property of another that you find, then you should deliver it to the local police department. They will keep it for a set period of time (I think around 30 days) and if no one claims it, then you are the legal owner.

Often, when people lose something and it gets turned into the police, they offer a reward, especially if the item has some sentimental or other special value. Do the right thing, and you might get rewarded without having to feel any guilt about your conduct.



thanks so much. will do


Since you don't know anyhting about the item, pawning it would likely be about the worst thing you can do. In addition, I doubt 14K gold would fetch enough to make any risk worthwhile.

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good point. if lost item was reported stolen then what a nightmare it would be to pawn it and then have to pay legal fees for attorney for accepting stolen property



and any other legal consequences that may happen

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