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I found unclaimed money from my great Grandmother. Can I claim this money if heirs are still alive?

Monroeton, PA |

She lived in Pa when she past away in 1993. But the money is in Florida. She has one son left and some grand children.

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This is not a simple matter of "finders keepers." Did your Great Grandmother have an estate? What I'm wondering is whether even the person who administered the estate even knew of the money.

If it is, in fact, unclaimed money that was titled in your great grandmother's name, you should let the attorney who handled her estate know about it.

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Please be advised, a number of unclaimed money scams exist. If somebody contacted you and informed you that the U.S. Treasury or Florida Treasury have unclaimed money, confirm it with them independently. You may also wish to discuss this with a Florida attorney

Stew Crawford, Jr.

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Joseph M. Masiuk

Joseph M. Masiuk


My colleague, Mr. Crawford, makes a terrific point. Trusting soul that I like to be, I answered your question on the premise that everything was legitimate. However, you must beware of any and all types of shenanigans designed to get you to part with YOUR money. There are more of those out there than there are legitimate unclaimed property.


If your great grandmother had a will the will controls who, if anyone, is entitled to the money, If she didn't have a will then rules of intestate succession determine who will get the money (It will likely be her son). An estate will either have to be opened or re-opened to transfer the money.

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