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I forgot to file a notice of hearing for a child support court date.. what should I do?

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I scheduled a hearing about 3 weeks ago for child support. Its set for August 22nd which is next week. I completely forgot to file a notice of hearing at the courthouse and have the other party served with the hearing notice as well. Is it too late to do this? Or do I need to cancel my court date and reschedule?

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You need to call the judicial assistant. S/he will tell you how to proceed. It may be too short of notice to file a notice now. You may have to reschedule. You have to coordinate the date


If you "scheduled" the hearing, there may have already been some coordination and thus some notice to the other side. Speak with the person with whom you scheduled the hearing (JA or clerk's office). If a Notice was needed, see if you can still send one out.

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It might be too late to file the notice. As my colleague stated, call the judicial assistant and check whether it is too late. Because you still have six days until the hearing, you may be able to file the notice at the courthouse today or tomorrow and then serve the other party immediately. The judge may find that five days is adequate notice.