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I finished my sentence and and probation but as part of my sentence I was required to pay restitution.

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How long must I continue to pay restitution. my only income is Social Security and paying the restitution each month is really impacting my standard of living. I can't even afford the extra medicare payments. the amount I do pay each month does not even cover the interest on the restitution.

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Courts usually order restitution to be paid until it is completely paid off. If you have not completely paid off the amount the court ordered, then you must keep paying until completly paid off.


If you were ordered to pay resitution, it suggests that you victimized someone else and the Court ordered you to pay restitution to pay back the money taken. I hope you can understand how a Court would be more concerned with the victim of the offense being repaid and might not be persuaded by the fact that having to pay the money back is impacting your standard of living.

In addition, I suspect you were ordered to pay the restitution as a condition of a suspended sentence. Therefore, if you fail to do so, you subject yourself to being incarcerated. However, you may be able to persuade the Court to reduce the amount required to be paid each week / month, if you have compelling evidence to support such a request.

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Your obligation to pay restitution ends when you have paid back all the money you agreed to pay back as part of your agreement. Restitution is not open ended. It is for a specified amount to be paid over a specified amount of time.

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