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I financed a car through a shady dealership, and they have not filed the paperwork with the finance compan

Bel Air, MD |

It has been over thirty days since I signed paperwork
And given down payment. Talked to finance company and they have no info on me. Can I return car to dealership and get down payment back?

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I don't know why you did business with a known crook but that is your business. (There is no chance is there the car is stolen?) If the finance company never heard of you then they cannot expect payments. I would insure the car and drive it—carefully—until you hear further. Don’t go looking for trouble. Make sure to keep your copies of all the paperwork.

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I strongly suggest you meet with an attorney to review your purchase agreement. You may have rights and protections under contract law. But you may have issues with the car title. Did you have any issues with registering the vehicle with the Mva? Please call me to discuss in further detail.

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