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I filed I-129F, received notice on 2/19/08. It is now 4/14/09. The answer to why so long is security checks, do i need a lawyer.

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I would like to know is this normal that it is taking so long to get a visa. My request is for a woman from Manila, is that a reason why the request is taking so long? I would like to know is there anything that i can do at this time to get the visa for my fiance?

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If you have the Receipt Number for your original I-129F petition, you can go yourself to and enter the number in the space on the right bottom area of the page to see what the status of your case is. You can also sign up to have USCIS notify you electronically of any changes in that processing status, such as whether an interview notice or request for evidence has been mailed to you or whether a case has been approved or denied. To figure out how long it may take for your case to process, you can look at the processing timelines for the Service Center/Field Office processing your case to see the date at which they are currently processing past cases submitted. You can do all of this yourself for free. There may be a backlog of I-129F cases for your geographical area. Also, have you moved and failed to contact USCIS regarding your address change? If so, it is possible that you may have been mailed a notice in the past whether of approval or seeking additional evidence, for example, and without your response, the case is now abandoned or the visa approval expired. You should verify the current status of your case right away to see if, in fact, it is still pending. If it is still pending, you should contact USCIS' national service center right away or contact an experienced immigration lawyer for assistance. My clients have generally seen a wait time of 6 months for an I-129F approval. Best of luck!

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