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I filed for divorce 1995, it was dismissed no decree, we still living together...i want to file for divorce again.

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i filed for divorce 1995, it was dismissed , we went back together up to now...i want to file for alimony and child support as well as other benefits and hidden assets. We have 2 kids, 19 and 15 years old. No house, only car

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Is your question-Can I file again and try for alimony and child support-YES.
Meet with family law attorney.

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I recommend you meet with a divorce attorney licensed in your state if you want to file for divorce and obtain alimony and child support along with other legal objectives.

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What is your question? If you want to file for divorce, do so. You still have one minor child so child support will be required. The amount and who pays it is dependent on the custody time share and the incomes of the two of you. Best to talk to a family law attorney to know options and process.


You can file for divorce again. You will be able to seek custody and child support for your minor child, the fifteen year old. Alimony is discretionary and will be contingent on numerous factors such as the duration of the marriage; relative health, education and age of the respective parties; employment history of each party; etc. For any hidden assets, you would have to enlist the services of a forensic accountant and/or investigator. A consultation with an experienced family law attorney in your geographic area will be beneficial.

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