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I filed for child support last year when my son was 15, the court appointed lawyer for my son in NY says my son probably won't g

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My son was 15 when I filed for child support, now a year later the court appointed lawyer working on my sons behalf said his father may not have to pay child support because my son is now 16 and because he has never had a relationship with his father nor has he ever seen him, I told the lawyer that it was his father who never wanted to see him. But still the lawyer thinks the judge will rule in favor of his father because they have never had a relationship and he won't have to pay a thing, I want to know if this sounds right because I didn't think it mattered whether thay had a relationship or not especially since it was my sons father who didn't want the relationship.We were never married and my son does carry his fathers last and dad name is on the birth cert.

My son and I live in VA, his father lives in NY, instead of hearing the case here in VA where we live it was sent over to NY where his father resides,That's something else I wonder about because I thought the Case would be heard here & he would be obligated by the ruling in VA.

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If the case is being heard in New York, then they are applying New York law. Under Virginia law, the court can award support from the date of filing forward. It cannot go back before the date of filing for support. The relationship between the parent and child, however, has no bearing on the duty to provide support.


You should contact a reputable NY lawyer to answer your questions. Your son's relationship, or lack thereof, with his father should have no bearing on his father's obligation to pay child support.

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