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I filed chapt 7 in 2003, I filed again in 2007 because I have no income. I was told the courts may persue a class action lawsuit

Olympia, WA |

against me for not waiting 8 years.
I could really use some guidance, and when I say I have no income I mean NONE and I own nothing (ex husband took all in divorce in 2002). I have been trying to get a job for the past year. The debt that I currently have is thanks to a so called friend. It is all such a mess.

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You must have misunderstood what was said to you. First, courts do not pursue actions against individuals, though a judge has the power to impose sanctions in the course of a lawsuit that already has been filed. Second, class actions are brought when the number of people injured by the defendant's alleged wrong -- known as the putative class -- consists of so many individuals that it would serve the interests of justice to permit the claims to be addressed in a single action, rather than requiring the various individual class members to file separate lawsuits. (This is particularly true when the amount of money at stake is so small that most class members would forego relief rather than incur the time and expense to litigate the matter.) It is extremely rare for a class action to filed against an individual rather than a company, and the bankruptcy rules provide effective remedies to deal with successive bankruptcies that have been filed improperly.