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I filed an Illinois wage claim against my employer in Feb. 2011 for failing to pay me bonuses on time. Now, 2 additional

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violations have occured: Miscalculating my taxes on a paycheck and telling me on 3/2/11 that I received a raise back in October, but they never told me and it was never put thru the payroll system! I'm afraid they are going to fire me if I file any more claims. Is this harrassment - the combination of 3 violations in pay?? Do I need an attorney NOW before anything bad happens???

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Make sure you file the claims. The law provides that you are to be compensated legally.

If you get fired as retaliation for making legal wage claims, then hire an employment attorney in Libertyville.


You should consult with an employment attorney immediately. The law in Illinois is unclear as to whether you would be able to file a retaliatory discharge claim if fired for filing Wage Act complaints.


Get in touch with a lawyer asap. You likely have claims under the Illinois Wage Payment Act, which gives you certain rights regarding the payment of bonuses, wages, etc. You have a right to file these claims. Perhaps filing a lawsuit, rather than claims with various agencies, etc., is the better route as you could then combine all the violations into one lawsuit.