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I filed a written response to a motion to vacate Foreign judgment in the time frame allowed.

Louisville, KY |

1. The motion to set aside/vacate here in Ky was denied. I filed a response and attended the hearing.

2. Motion to Vacate filing and stay of execution of Foreign Judgment TX has been filed by debtor and my response has been filed. I maintained that the Motion to Vacated/Set aside judgment had been denied at the Original Court and that my responses to that hearing should also have merit to the Motion that is being filed in the Foreign Court.
The Foreign Court has all of the papers that were filed in Ky. is it necessary for me the Plaintiff PRO SE to attend the up and coming hearing on the motion that is being filed or can my written response carry enough weight with out my attendance. Will the Judge consider the denial of the Motion that was already denied in Ky when considering the Motion

Defendant Files a motion to vacate/set aside judgment (DENIED) KY Defendant Files a motion to Vacate filing/stay execution of Foreign Judgment in the State where the case has been Domesticated. Plaintiff files a response to the Foreign Judgment Motion. Does the Plaintiff need to be at the Foreign Judgment Motion hearing?

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To make sure it goes smoothly I would suggest attendance.