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I filed a report on a person and the parolee who was there got reported too, how can i help the parolee?

Philadelphia, PA |

The parolee never did anything to me but the police filed him too saying i pressed charges on him but i never did, he in jail now with a detainer, how can i help him in this situation, he had nothing to do with what was going on, if i say he wasn't the one & im for sure he wasn't will they drop charges on him that day? Ive talked to his P.O and so did he before he turned himself in for an arrest warrant..what can i do to help this guy? He's a pretty nice guy who really doing gd

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Once you call the police, you lose all control over the situation. If the other person has been charged with an offense, he has to go through the court process. Eventually, you may be able to tell your story to the appropriate people, but until then, probably not.

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