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I filed a motion to recuse the judge in my family law case for her blatant bias, but the judge continues to hear actions. Help!

Madison, NC |

The judge has allowed my ex's attorney to commit felony fraud against myself and the court and refuses to hear the proof. The judge allows my ex to routinely violate the existing orders and tried to amend the existing orders unlawfully, but then realized her error. The judge allowed my ex to provide fraudulent and incomplete financial information, but orders me to provide additional financial information my ex does not have to provide. The judge even asked if I am in therapy. The judge continues to hear actions involving me without addressing the motion to recuse. The judge stated that I should pursue other venues if I believed the attorney committed a crime so I reported the atty the judge as well for aiding and abetting to the cops, DA, NC state bar & Judicial Std Commission.

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You have made your reports to various agencies. Your allegations will be investigated. However, I am going to take a guess and say that you represent yourself in these proceedings. Correct? If so, that is the cause of your problems, not a biased judge or a felonious attorney. You are simply being out maneuvered by someone who knows the process and the system much better than you do. Do you know how to enter evidence at trial? Do you know how to lay a proper foundation? Do you know how to get information into evidence to prove what the other side says is not true? If not, you need to hire someone who does. What you perceive as judicial bias is most likely simply a judge that can't help you because you do not know how to follow the rules of civil procedure and evidence, and the other side does. You have every right to represent yourself. However, you will be held to the same standard as a licensed attorney.

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Mr. Amos did a good job of explaining the issue here as I briefly outlined in my response to your contemporaneous query. It is amazing how may people blame attorneys for doing something unlawful or fraudulent and in actuality, they are the ones who are not complying with rules, orders and procedure. Rants like the above will get you nowhere with the courts, contact an attorney to clear this up for you.

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