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I filed a DV restraining order and now Im being evicted.

Redding, CA |

My Boyfriend and I rented a home from his friend. We lived here for almost two years without any problems. My boyfriend became addicted to painkillers and alcohol, hit me, and made life miserable since March of this year. I went to the landlords who agreed to rent to my son and daughter-in-law as replacement tenants if Darin were to move out. That was late August. I applied and served the restraining order on Sept 6. Three days later the landlords served me with Notice to Enter. They saw no damage. On Sept 19 I was notified by phone to appear in court the following afternoon. Darin wanted to retrieve his property. Court order on 20th gave him access from 7 am to 7 pm. I was not to be in the home at the time. He cleaned me out. 10/02- I rec'v a 60 day notice to vacate? Legality?

The landlord state that they need to evict me and Darin as co-tenants, then I need to re apply and charged me a credit fee.

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This is not a domestic violence question. Pose your question in PRACTICE AREA landlord tenant if you need to know about the notice to vacate. I believe that would prove more fruitful to your inquiry. Good Luck.


This is a landlord tenant, aka unlawful detainer issue. Good luck.

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