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I filed a chapter 7, and used a preparer service online and didnt understand some of the questions so the informtion is wrong

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The trustee tells me i need some addendums filed, he told me this in his office and I go to the creditors meeting in 2 days. should I just go to the meeting with what I have and let him tell me there what I might still need? I cant get it together before then.

If I dont have all the info.My case for sure wont be discharged. But will it be dismissed?... then what happens? And what does being dismissed mean?

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I would need more information to adequately answer your question, but if you are in danger of losing your discharge, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. That is the worst thing that can happen in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, since the entire point of filing is to receive a discharge of your debts. If your discharge is denied, you will continue to owe all of your debts, despite having filed bankruptcy.


The trustee wants you to file amendments, not addendums. There is a big difference between the two words. Be at that meeting with your trustee whether or not you have completed the additional paperwork because by not appearing you are being disrespectful and will be providing the trustee with more ammunition to have your case dismissed. Hope this perspective helps.


It will be worth your time to seek guidance and hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will advise you as to which amendments are required for your case and avoid a dismissal. Please take with you a copy of your petition to your consultation. As my colleague rightly states, you must appear at your 341 Trustee Meeting, whether you're represented or not.

Nothing in this response to your posting on AVVO is intended or should be considered as legal advice to your specific situation. Our posting is intended to provide general information of interest to the public. Facts relevant to your situation and not disclosed in your posting may affect your specific legal rights and remedies.


Acknowleding that using an "online preparer service" seemed reasonable at the time, you should now know that you are over your head and in danger of turning this into a very costly misadventure. If you are dismissed without discharge, you not only still owe your debts, but your ability to refile (to do it right) is subject to limitations.

Without delay you need to retain assistance in correcting your petition. Ms. Bunce, your first responder is near you and her qualifications are excellent. Why not retain her on an hourly basis to assist you in correcting the deficiencies and responding further to the trustee if needed.

Best wishes for a favorable outcome, and please remember to designate a best answer.

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