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I fell on Walmart premises on Friday 04:45pm and landed on my bottom real hard; I jerked my body trying to prevent the fall

Littleton, CO |

and now I am having pain from my neck down to my left side and my low back area. I called to discuss my claim and they stated they have to investigate my claim to make sure Walmart was negligent. I slipped on dishsoap that was located in front of the egg aisle.

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you need to promptly contact a reputable injury lawyer in your area. if you do not know of one, the colorado trial lawyers association will have a listing as well as your local county bar association. walmart is very aggressive in defending claims and you definitely need an experienced lawyer. forget any thought that walmart may fairly resolve the claim voluntarily with you - it won't happen. the incident was probably on video and your lawyer will need to get it. there is a website, i forget the name, that lists the claims against walmart and how it has treated the injured parties. good luck.


I agree--you need a lawyer for this one. Make sure to get medical treatment for your injuries. Good luck


Consult a personal injury attorney asap to investigate the incident and protect your rights. You need to keep the shoes you were wearing and the receipt from shopping that day as proof of the incident and date and time and hopefully you filed an incident report with Walmart.

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We have sued Walmart several times. They tend to be difficult and evasive prior to litigation. You need to contact an attorney immediately in order to protect your interests. Your case is a "premises liability" situation and you must be able to prove that Walmart knew that the dish soap had spilled, or Walmart should have known about the spill and protected/warned you about it. The most important information for your case is how long that soap was on the floor before you slipped on it. Good Luck.


Find a local lawyer who has handled claims against this store. I've resolved hundreds of claims, but they always send a ridiculous form letter stating "we have reviewed the video, and our store is not responsible"....however, this is simply an outrageous form letter, and an aggressive lawyer can determine that this is nonsense. The general counsel told me they settle almost every claim once a lawyer is involved.


Dish soap in front of the egg aisle sounds pretty obvious and Wal-Mart should have been on notice of it before you fell. Of course, that is key. They can absolve themselves of liability if the soap had just spilled and they didn't know about it. You will need a lawyer to review cameras and get witnesses that told employees of the spill before you fell.

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