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I feel some counsels in Commission are corrupt. Definitely, we can sue the Commission for misconduct,

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I have a clear injustice case from one corrupt Judge. I filed my complaint to the Commission. One counsel was in charge of my complaint.. But he had prejudice against me due to my race. He set aside my case for over half year and did nothing for my case. Finally he found an excuse to close my case. I filed a complaint to the director and the Chairman of the Commission, but I never heard from them. I feel that the want to protect corrupt Judges and wouldn't like to discipline them at all. Those people are not qualified to work at the Commission. I am currently interviewing many lawyers to sue the Commission.

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This is a non-starter of a mission. The Commission cannot be sued for failing to act on your complaint in a particular way. By statute the Commission has discretion and is required to exercise the discretion. If the Commission could be sued to compel a particular result, then there would be no need for the Commission at all. It would be nothing more than a rubber stamp for every complainant.

The U S legal system does not promise a just result in every case. It promises access to legal process to address your claim. You have had that and you are now at the end of the road.

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