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I feel in a store and the injury's are catastrofic.The case is in fortlauderdale.I have brain damage , and got 6 surguries thus

Vero Beach, FL |

The lawyer handling the case was with a great law firm but he left them. The next layer was a fake just wanted to go to mediation w/o knowing the fact's . the case is in FL. and is on going. It was filed suit in 2006 a year after the fall if I am not MMI do I still get to proceed with my case? I got torn rotator cuff , P.C.S. post concution syndrome? A bracail plexus paralized in my left arm. and double vision evenn with eye surgery? I am on a patch that can kill me. They want to place a pain pump in. And I am in need of a lawyer in the fort lauderdale area.?The com. claims to make 20-40 million a year ,I slipped on a produce bag on the wrong side of the store. I went to mediation and they only offerd 100 , 000 What is your left arm and brain worth to you ? I walked out at 350,00 and hour.

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There is nothing preventing you from getting a second or even third opinion, or even seeking your first attorney out.

You have tremendous damages. Liability in a slip and fall case can be a hurdle. There are issues regarding whether the sore knew/should have known about the produce, whether it was visible, how long it was on the flooor, and if there was time to clean it up.

I am licensed in Fl, but I am out of state. If you cannot get someone locally, you can contact me and I will review the facts.

Good luck


I agree your danmages are catastrophic from both a financial and personal perspective. I must assume that the store's insurer was willing to pay only 100,000 because they are contesting the issue of liability. I am located in St petersburg and have both defended and prosecuted many sliup and fall cases.Please feel free to contact me to discuss. I am able to refer you to highly competent personal injury attorneys in your area. good luck

Robert E. Heyman, Esq


So sorry to hear of your situation.

It sounds like you want and need a second opinion. This can be done by phone or in person, but an evaluation should not occur in a public forum such as this one.

In order for any experienced lawyer to evaluate the claim, he/she will want to know more facts: • date of incident
• defendant name
• were you taken by EMS to hospital
• exact diagnoses and any prognosis of your future condition(s)
• were the injuries caused by the fall, and has any MD or DO verified this with a medical opinion
• is case in litigation
• what is the store claiming as defenses
• any witnesses to the fall
• any surveillance of the fall
• what are the medical bills/health insurance liens
• what are the economic losses (i.e. lost income, future lost income, etc.)
• do you have the medical records

There are more, but you get the idea.

As you can see, there are many factors an experienced personal injury attorney will look at in determining not only next steps, but evaluating what level of compensation is fair in your circumstances.

Because of your uncertainty on what to do next, you should seek a second opinion from an experienced personal injury lawyer.


All personal injury cases are different and subject to review by


Every personal injury claim is different and lawyers can disagree on damages. My feeling would be to analyze your damages and hire the appropriate expert to express that opinion. The other component will be to allow the other side you are ready to take this case to trial with the appropriate expert testimony for your serious damages.

I am in Vero Beach too and will be pleased to review your matter at no charge. We have worked throughout South Florida, including Ft. Lauderdale.

Good luck, our number here is 772-231-1777.

Richard L. Brown, Esq.


It can be difficult to find the right attorney to handle a case. Out of thousands of attorneys, there is surely one who is a good fit, it's just a matter of finding them. What I usually recommend is getting some referrals to get started. Talk to friends, family, and any attorneys you know. Do some research, read some reviews. The important part is sitting down with a potential attorney and figuring out whether they have the experience and confidence to handle your case. If it doesn't feel right, keep looking. Ask a lot of questions, not only about your particular case, but about their experience and past success. I am licensed in Illinois, but I can recommend an attorney in your area who handles similar cases and has a track record of success. Feel free to give me a call if you'd like a referral. 1-800-807-9530. Good luck.


Your case sounds quite complicated to simply answer here. If they did not offer you enough money, you should possibly proceed to trial. Although your damages are quite extensive, liability on the store may not be that great. As a result, their settlement offer may be considered low by you. Best to talk to your current attorney about the advantage and disadvantages about proceeding to trial. Nevertheless, my firm handles such cases in the FTL area...Do note that if you do plan to switch lawyers this late, you will need a COMPLETE copy of the file 1st before another lawyer may decide to take the case, especially since a trial date may already be set.

Good Luck!

Evan in FLA (866) I SUE YOU (478-3968)

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