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I feel I am being discriminated because I'm pregnant. Is there anything that I can do about it?

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I started a job in April when I was about four months and currently I am five months. I didn't have any problems until recently after starting, until I told the general manager that I was pregnant and I would need an accommodation. I also provided a doctor's note so that there wouldn't be any problems.
When I handed her the note, she truly said to me, "Did you know you were pregnant when we hired you? I wish you would have told me you were pregnant when we hired you" and kept going on about if anything were to happen there could have been a lawsuit. I didnt say anything and just left it at that.
One day, I wasnt able to work because I wasn't feeling well, and I called two hours before my shift. The manager then told me that they needed another doctor's note saying more details.

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There are various laws prohibiting pregnancy based discrimination. The comments made by your general manager seem inappropriate. In addition, if you are being held to a different standard by being required to provide more medical documentation than employees absent for non-pregnancy related reasons that would also suggest illegal discrimination. You should speak with an employment attorney as each case is fact specific. I would be pleased to discuss your situation with you. My number is 860-216-1965.

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It is not unusual for an employer to ask that medical documentation be provided to determine what type of accommodation should be provided to you. However, it should not be used as a basis to terminate you unless you have been in breach of the terms and conditions. The comments were totally inappropriate and shows a need for training. Depending on the number of employees, file a complaint with your local state Human Right Rights Commission and/or simultaneously with the EEOC. If the employer continues their discriminatory practices and starts retaliating against you for making a complaint or the environment gets worst contact an attorney immediately.

This answer is predicated on the facts provided in which the lawyer cannot confirm or verify. I do not represent you as we do not have an attorney-client relationship.

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