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I failed to respond in time to a jury summons for the Van Nuys courthouse. Should I contact the court? Will I get fined?

Burbank, CA |

I was scheduled to appear on Sept. 23. It is now Oct. 10. Can I still try to rectify the situation with the court, in terms of rescheduling, or am I now in trouble will receive the fine?

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Call the jury number on your slip and tell them. They will gladly reschedule you



You should be able to get rescheduled with not much trouble. Be apologetic and make it clear that you're not trying to get out of your civic duty to sit on a jury. If you want to make sure you're not selected, wear a Malcolm X t-shirt and answer any question with the phrase "that's what they want you to think." (I'm kidding, of course. That WOULD get you in trouble). Good luck!


Way to step up for your civic responsibility. How else can us lawyers force 12 people to sit and listen to us? Good luck.


As has been said, call the number on your summons and explain your situation. You should have little difficulty getting rescheduled and putting this matter behind you.

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