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I failed the drug test the day of my interview to be placed under house arrest program they didn't show me the test result

Chino Hills, CA |

They just said I failed then I found another house arrest program the same day that's willing to take me so I register with them n I been on it two months now then I received a letter recently saying I need to turn my self in cuz of the drug test what can I do or say to the judge I've been sober and being placed under house arrest i pay them do exactly what they I've been really good n working is there a possible way I won't have to do jail time like bring in my recent drug test to show I haven't touched anything and a letter written by my house arrest stating that I've been doing as what the court wanted and ask the judge to give me a drug test every day every week I don't care to show him I'm changing for the good pls help me what should I do

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You should have dealt with this two months ago instead of putting yourself in another program. Only the Court has the power to modify the terms of your probation. which you violated by failing the drug test. That would have been the time to approach the Court and cry mercy. Now the judge may or may not be impressed that you are in some program other than the one he ordered. Remember not all programs are court approved.



what if I ask the Judge and offer to even take drug classes? Do you think maybe he might?

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