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I failed my army drug test back in march of this year, is there anyway to salvage this situation so that i dont get kicked out

Buffalo, NY |

I attended a party back in march and i was drunk and stupid and tried cocaine for the first time. Its my own fault but i dont want to be removed. So far i have complied with everything i need to such as enlisting myself into a drug rehabilitation center. I am currently in a reserve unit. and a fellow soldier has failed his drug test for the same thing 4 times in a row and is just now being discharged. Is there any hope for me, and what can i expect. I would hate to have a stupid mistake on my part ruin the rest of my life.

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Your situation is very complicated - I am assuming that you were not on active duty at the time of the party, because otherwise they would be considering court-martialing you. The "general" rule is that the Army will not tolerate people that use drugs such as cocaine. 99% are discharged with "bad paper," i.e., a UOTHC discharge!

Your rank, experience, to include deployments, MOS and how your NCO's feel about you and whether or not any officers will support giving you a "second chance."

What is your unit and where is it located? I routinely handle these kinds of cases and Buffalo is only 85 miles from my office. This is not a secure forum, so do not provide any specifics. Contact me privately and we can discuss some options for you. You MUST be proactive on this otherwise you will most assuredly be looking at a discharge process.